About OMNI Sealers

When we launched OMNI Sealers in 2013, it was with three simple, yet powerful guiding principles: Quality, Integrity and Support. We were in a unique position to start a “brand new” Care & Maintence Company, based on 30 plus years’ experience in the Tile & Stone Industry. In order to be successful, we realized we had to give our customers ample reasons to make the change to OMNI Sealers.

We knew we had to develop products that outperformed the existing brands (which we knew very well). To do so, we reconnected with some of our former quality raw material suppliers and we established a number of incredible new supplier partnerships. We now have a comprehensive, yet concise product offering that comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We wanted to provide unmatched technical support and increase user confidence. So we developed the first and only Care & Maintenance App for the Tile & Stone Industry. And through our existing Best Of Everything, Inc. logistic model, we were able to provide superior service…at very competitive price.

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